Our Billy Goats average 9½” in length and 5¾” bases with quite a few 10” plus and 6½” bases.

The area has produced many Goats scoring over 50 B&C.


The bulls in this area average from 45" – 55" + with some over 60". They can be found basically anywhere in the area including lakes, rivers, valley bottoms even mountain sides in the buck brush or old burns. The success rate is 90% plus.


The Rams average from 35" – 37" in length and 13½" – 14"bases. Rams up to 42½" long with bases up to 15½" have been harvested out of the area. The hunting pressure is extremely low even in the traditional hunting areas and our allotment of 5 sheep permits per year.


The territory produces Grizzlies in the 23" – 25" plus skull measurement range. These bears average 7ft. in length with some 8ft. and better.

With our allotment of 3 permits per year the success rate is exceptional.

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Stone Sheep

Our Stone Sheep territory has areas that have not been hunted in years. The hunt pressure is extremely low even in the traditional hunting areas.

Mountain Goat

Goat hunting in the Tsay Keh Dene Outfitters territory is truly a unique experience. The Omineca Mountain Range has an especially large and rich population.


Next to a close encounter with a Bull Moose in rut a Grizzly Bear hunt can be the biggest adrenaline rush to be had in the remote mountains of north central BC!

Welcome to Tsay Keh Dene (Say-kay-dunay) Outfitters.

This 493,712 hectare area (approx. 2000 square miles) is remotely located in MU's 7-39 and 7-40 in the Omineca Mountains of North/Central BC. It is truly one of the last untouched and pristine wilderness areas left.

Access is by plane only and it is not uncommon to go your entire stay without seeing another group of people. With breathtaking mountainous landscapes, beautiful lakes and rivers, and the quiet solitude of the backcountry, Tsay Keh Dene Outfitters is one outdoor adventure that will not soon be forgotten.

The area definitely has it's share of rugged terrain and those looking for Sheep, Goat, and Grizzly hunting opportunities should be in good shape before contacting TKD Outfitters.

Our hunts are selective and we do not provide hunting packages based on a set schedule. If you are serious about a backcountry, or hunting adventure, then please contact TKD Outfitters.

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We are booking hunts for the 2017 season, please check hunting rates.

Warm regards, Tsay Keh Dene Outfitters






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Our Location


Our Location:
185 miles northeast of Smithers and 250 miles northwest of Prince George.

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