client hunting information

All hunts are one on one (one guide per client). TKD Outfitters reserves the right to switch guides or place two clients with one guide in cases of emergency.

Sheep and Goat Camps

Main spike camps have 1- 2 clients with guides and support crew. Wall tents with stoves are standard. Fly camps (1 -2 days) – (Dome or Whelan type tents) have a guide.

Grizzly and Moose Camps

Hunts are either from cabins or spike camps (wall tents with stoves). Generally with one-two clients, guides and support crew.

How it Works

Due to Government regulations no one is allowed to hunt within 6 hours of being transported in an airplane. No hunting will be done on the first or last days of your hunt as these are for crew personal time and/or travel to spike camps.

The day starts with breakfast at approximately 6:00 AM so we can be on the trail shortly after 7:00 AM.

After an animal is harvested the following day is a camp day to care for the meat and trophy (caping and salting).

Tsay Keh Dene Outfitters Policy on Wounded Game

If an animal is wounded it is your guide's responsibility to decide if the animal has been fatally wounded or not.

If your guide feels it is a flesh wound you will be able to continue your hunt for that species. If your guide feels the wound is fatal the hunt for that species is over and trophy fees will apply. Your guide and you will be expected to spend 1 – 2 days looking to retrieve the wounded animal. After that it is your choice to continue the search for the animal or hunt a different species if you have applicable tags.

We do not like to see any wounded game lost so you and your guide will have the assistance of any of the support crew available to help in the search. We all lose in the event of a fatally wounded animal that is not retrieved, you, the guide, and most of all the Animal.

Please be familiar and comfortable with your rifle and confident in your shot. Listen to your Guide and listen to yourself for a quick and clean harvest. The final decision to pull the trigger is yours so make sure you are comfortable and it feels right!

If any of the above mentioned government restrictions or company policies are unacceptable please let us know.

Be safe and enjoy the country.